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Independent Venue Week Punk night

The Old Bakery's first punk night as part of Independent Venue Week, Jan 29 - Feb 3rd. The punk night on Friday Feb 2nd features Bastard, The Eyelids, Swansong and No-Robell. Some of the SouthWest's finest rabble rousers!

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The Old Bakery Truro is supporting Independent Venue week with a series of more than excellent gigs. Friday Feb 2nd sees the Old Bakery's first ever Punk night. 4 of the South West's finest exponents of the dark art of punk in the same room on the same day, all yours for a mere £5 in advance or £6 on the door.

A screaming backwoods manitou; a conjuration made flesh from unholy revenants. Everything is permissible and everything is unreal. The tick that burrows deep.

Voodoo garage queens; to hear them is to fall into their thrall. Sounds from unexplored continents, the snap of a whip, the tang of brine. Move to an itch you won't want to scratch.

A juddering zoetrope of sound and light, burning cold within a coruscating faraday cage of sensation. Dark lines scrivened deep into the sacred hearts. The nightmare box is open.

The undulating juggernaut of possibilities, folding matter within its heavywater blacklight. Truncated fingers grope raw sockets and we all get sweaty. 

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Audience: 16+ (ID Required)

Parking: There is no parking on site or on Malpas Rd. Please park in Tesco or Garras Wharf and walk round (2 mins)

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