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Life Drawing

Hello all Artists: hobbyist, newbies, professionals and art lovers. 

We're pleased to confirm the first Spring dates for Old Bakery Studios: Art socials. 

• Each of these sessions has 15 spaces. There are 10 Easel spaces and 5 Table spaces unless stated differently.
• Sessions are for us to be together ad be social, they are not guided or taught. It’s a space to play and talk freely. 
• There will be some A2 B&B Paper on hand to use but you will need to bring your own media. 
• There will be life model unless stated. 
• Each session is for three hours, so feel free to arrive fifteen minutes earlier to set up. 
• Each session is £8.50 per session to help pay for the model, paper, equipment and space. 
• In the long-term we hope to create an OBS: Art Fund for bigger scale projects. 

The OBS event space is a raw, evolving, multi-purpose space. Its constantly changing so please be aware of this. 
These sessions are in their infancy. Your recommendations, support and advise is greatly received to help OBS: Art grow and the Art scene in Truro as a whole. We are investing time and money into OBS: Art ventures slowly but very, very surely. Please do chat to me (Rob) when you attend so we can discuss ideas as a group. 

• Dress warm on cold days. 
• We will light the space. 
• We will book and pay the life model. 
• I have created a collaborative Spotify playlist that you can add tracks to or let me know what you’d like added and I’ll put them on the listings. 
• If all the spaces go I will ask Graeme at Old Bakery Studios Coffee to open for us. This is coffee, tea and juices. But feel free to bring your own refreshments and alcohol is fine to bring to. 

1. Please email us the date and space you would like to attend. For example: ‘15/02/18 – Easel’ or ‘01/03/18’ – Table’
2. I will then email / message you my paypal details. Once you have paid the £8.50 attendance fee you are then confirmed as attending. 
3. Once you have paid I will make a separate closed event listing for each session as the sessions fill up. This way I can communicate with you all directly / rapidly. 
4. In the event of a session cancellation you will receive a full refund – no refunds are given for non-attendance. 


OBS - LIFE DRAWING: ‘Clothed and Nude figure’ - Wednesday 28th February 2018. 1800hrs – 2100hrs, OBS large event space. LIFE MODEL BOOKED

OBS - Large and Miniature Expressive Drawing (with model and maybe still life) - Wednesday 14th March 2018. 1800hrs – 2100hrs, OBS large event space.
Please bring your own large-scale paper. I’ll add some links for places to purchase large paper from.

OBS - FREESTYLE (With Life model and still life) - Wednesday 28th March 1800hrs – 2100hrs, OBS Large event space.

OBS - LIFE DRAWING: ‘Clothed and Nude figure’ - Wednesday 4th April 2018. 1800hrs – 2100hrs, OBS Large event space.

Any questions please do get in touch. 

A note from Rob..

Old Bakery Studios: Art, is a space for the local and the wider reaching south west artists and visitors to come together, network, socialise, generate ideas, exhibit, talk, photograph, sculpt, install, draw and paint. We have a long-term goal to invest in art and artists within and around the capital, connecting through our community and local businesses. We are a vibrant, diverse and dynamic place to visit, perfectly situated in the heart of the South West.

To begin building up our art scene, Rob Unett (OBS resident) has devised a series of social art activities, each focusing on life drawing, mixed with still life, photography, multi-media, music and scale. ‘I like to be connected to the community I live in, and through some reaching out we discovered that artists in the south west really want a space to get together talk, explore and work. So, to begin we are doing just that, no rules, no expectations, just getting together and doing something’ says Rob.

Rob's background is art and design. A professional artist Rob is also the Creative Director of London College of Fashion (aka Rob Phillips). ‘I’ve worked for years with creative people and devised many learning, promotional, outreach and socialising and mobilising activities. Seeing others and being with others, brining you and your practice to the fore in a visible space is beneficial on so many levels. It helps to make connections, connect with your community, build profiles, share ideas, witness alternative and new processes, even just to talk and feel part of something, there is so many reasons to get involved and explore the world of art and design through yourself and others

Rob Phillips AKA Rob Unett (Artist)