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Ritual Scissor Dance

  • Old Bakery Studios Malpas Road Truro, England, TR1 United Kingdom (map)


It is a privilege to welcome Jose to Cornwall from his UK base in London. These shows travels the world, recently in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Peru. The accompanying music is incredible, the whole mesmerising and immersive show is a feast for the eyes the ears and the heart.

An intangible cultural performance interpretation of the Scissors Dance, explored using various puppet techniques, and rearrangements of the traditional music with elements of fusion; providing a mystic symbiosis between the puppeteer and the dancer, that takes you into an exhilarating journey to the very heart of this ancestral Peruvian Andean dance, that has been included at UNESCO's 'Intangible Heritage of the Humanity' list

Adapted by: José Navarro 'Pishtaco'

Jose Navarro Theatre, is an international collaborative company. The Theatre participated with its own productions at numerous prestigious International Festivals around the world.



Of course Cornwall's links to South America cannot be underestimated . It is well known that in the 18th and 19th century Richard Trevithick the steam inventor visited South America , and in particular , Peru .

Links between Cornwall and South America cannot be underestimated

There will also be an opportunity for puppet related workshops throughout the the 1st weekend of April.

These will focus on the themes of the show and we invite families to come along make and share their own interpretation of Inca -based Gods and share use them on the shadow screen to music.



This April a series of events at the Old Bakery bring a fresh and exciting look at the work of Cornish-based artist Jonathan Hayter.

Over his career Jonathan's work has taken many forms , exploring many avenues of expression , including puppetry , video , painting , sound and sculpture .

Jonathan began his career at Berkshire College of Art and Design in the late 70's graduating in 1982 .

He returned to his childhood love of puppetry in 1986 with an opportunity to work with John Wright of the Little Angel Theatre .On a visit to the Glasgow puppet centre in 1989 Jonathan worked with John on his marionette master class. From the early 1990's until 2013 Jonathan ran puppet workshops in schools up and down the UK finally moving to Cornwall in 2009.

It was the move to Cornwall that allowed Jonathan to develop his visual arts practise , mainly as an expressive landscape painter . It was from this interest that a new project developed focusing on the symbolic significance of the Cornish Tin mines.

'In 1989 I had developed an interest in the work of the Psycho Analyst Carl Jung. This led me to have in depth psycho analysis with an eccentric old man . Here I was asked to keep a dream book, and encourage to draw and paint spontaneously. After a period of 18 months the relationship between my dreams and drawings synchronised and I understood the importance of free expression'

Jonathan has applied this approach to all his creativity ever since...

Jonathan Says; ' The old Bakery performance space is the space I have been waiting for to present my work . It is an exciting new development as a venue at the heart of Cornwall. My work transcends so many genres and forms . The Old Bakery allows me as an artist to bring together all strands of wag I have been doing as an artist in Cornwall for the last 8 years and put it under one roof'

Jonathan has worked with many other artists from other creative disciplines to create fresh and lively experiences for those who have witnessed his work over the years , including musically driven live performances , exhibitions , aswell as live art. This month Jonathan presents recent collaborations , including his 2012 work with Anglo Peruvian puppeteer Jose Navarro . Jose travels the globe with his one man shows . 'children of the Sun ' represents a unique performance collaboration , with puppets made by Jonathan, and music by Cameron McBride the performance takes the audience on a journey through transformation . Based on the Inca God Viracocha 'Children of the Sun' displays a deep understanding of the ancient Gods that existed before the coming of the Spanish . Jose unravels the dark process of change represented by a series of puppet forms that dance and move in time to the ancient secrets of the past . The show is a charming and warm heartfelt love letter by Jose to the culture in which he grew up. There are moments of humour all enhanced by a series of projections helping to create an atmospheric cultural experience for all!

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Later Event: April 1
Children of the sun