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Small. Artist talks, exhibition and social

SMALL Series two invites you to an evening of gender debate sparked from two artists talks delivered by the characters that are Faye Dobinson and Rob Unett.

Dobinson multi-disciplinary work offers an alternative way of viewing contemporary representations of feminine energies: artworks concerned with alternative ways to view ideas of ‘female’, ‘feminine’ and space and shapes that ‘she’ takes up in the world.

Unett’s largely autobiographical work explores the solitary body, merging or personifying man and women through painful, proud, even shamed gestures and striking poses.

SMALL Series: 02 includes the intimate polaroid work of Tim Best and performance artist Roland Bray will be transforming into his alter, drag ego Roxie Moron.

Tickets for the evening of Saturday June 8th 2019 are £10.

Join us. Converse. Enjoy

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The human form is prevalent throughout art history. Depicted in such vast variety with multiple reasons and meanings ever since the beginning of ‘man’. We have witnessed the visual construction and formation of what we say is, and see as man and women. From Neanderthal cave art, the depiction of God, Adam, Eve, The Venus, The David, and so on, the portrayal of the sexes is extensive and the enforcement of gender roles is complex.

Now just over a quarter through the 21st century and the socially constructed, often limiting ideas of sex and gender are being theoretically, scientifically politically and artistically challenged. Society is divided as to what maketh man or women or person, with artists perpetuating and challenging this.

Traditional notions of femininity and masculinity no longer have defined societal norms, labels and stereotypes are largely unwelcome and gender is not something attributed at birth, but something you identify as.

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PARKING: Garras Wharf TR1 2TN. Free after 4PM.